Facility Management


Renergize created a department specialized in cleaning services with a different perspective to the traditional prevailing methods used by most local companies comprising a team of young and highly experienced Resources Executives with a background of reputed works carried out with our clients in association with a full-fledged technical staff and Unskilled/skilled workers.
We provide Facility Management and Human Resources in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and tourism, Marketing, Banking, Call Centers, BPOs, KPOs, Loaders, House Keeping, Retails Industry, etc.

To help create a healthy clean environment free from pollutants and dirt making cleaning services essential within organizations with a clear understanding of developed new methods used, working closely together to set our unique standards and forming a strong foothold in the local market.

Our selection procedure is rigorous; with a comprehensive database of high caliber candidates from various fields, and network with various job portals. We have the expertise to find you the right people, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time.

CLEANING SERVICES / CONTRACTS : We offer monthly cleaning services with various Contracts with various time periods as per our clients’ requirements.
QUALIFIED SKILLED STAFF : We use the latest tools, machines and methods as well as skilled labor with highly qualified supervisors and a complete administration hierarchy, working on daily basis. Our prime objective is quality and Customer satisfaction
QUALITY CONTROL: We have a quality control department specialized in quality control and customers services attending needs and complaints to improve our services with a high level of professionalism and safety.
FEEDBACK: We have our own Service quality questionnaire about the quality of services provided (weekly – monthly) to have an idea of various opinions from wide variety of customers for analyzing and making a report.
APPEARANCE AND LOOK: We also pay close attention to detail on the general look of our workers and supervisor by providing a uniform for all of our employees with their various levels of jobs in appropriate patterns and colors.
SECURITY / ID: Every work team has its own security file, and identity check with Unique ID no. with themselves at the company containing personal details and job description with allocation.
PEST CONTROL : Our highly skilled pest control staff has the knowledge and proficiency in handling pests and insects with the latest methods and machines used in the field of spray and pesticides to create a long lasting and hazard free effect.

We feel proud to inform that JOBZ WORLD is our sister company handling its work successfully into wide vertical portions of Technical and Non-Technical fields meeting the requirements of our clients efficiently. It is of prime importance for us more than anything, to provide service that is successful and up to speed as soon as possible.

• Degain India Pvt. Ltd. (Vikhroli)
• Seven Hills Hospital (Andheri East)
• Leelalayam Airport Services Pvt. Ltd. ( Mumbai International Airport T 2)
• Bharat Diamond Bourse (B.D.B., BKC)
• Devyani Airport Services (M) Private Limited ( Mumbai International Airport T 2)
• Pizza Hut (DASMPL), Pan India
• Renergize Systems (Pan India)
• Bhartiyam Foods India Pvt. Ltd.
• TMA Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. (Andheri East) (AMMIS BIRYANI)
• Business Bay (B. K.C.)
• Livewel Aviation Services ( Mumbai International Airport T 2)
• Flemingo- The Duty Free People (Mumbai International Airport T 2) and amny more….